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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 9, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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now. another hot one. the layer of haze over northwest washington this morning. it is thursday morning june 9th. temperatures pushing 100 again today. glad you're with us this morning and try to stay cool. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. higher than normal temperatures have a hold on a huge part of the eastern united states. including into the upper midwest and great lakes. let's get to the heat wave headlines. five deaths have been blamed on the heat, including two in maryland. the others are in tennessee and wisconsin. >> schools have been let out early in several states. again, including maryland. >> an example of how hot it can get. a dog was left in a locked car in frederick last night. temperatures inside the car soared to 152 degrees in a few moments. the dog is okay, though. >> easy to forget things like that. just don't do it. tony perkins, we often do not give you enough credit for
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your weather expertise. we talked earlier and asked you how hot it had been in washington and you nailed it. >> yeah, 106 nd the hottest it had ever been and that was on july 20th, 1930. we won't get there today but we'll flirt with 100. here is the -- here are the current conditions being reported at reagan national. temperature right now 79 degrees. your humidity, we showed you that hazy picture, 84%. and there are no winds. the winds are calm. so the haze is just kind of hanging there for right now. here is a look at the temperatures across the region. we've got 80 degrees. now we have just gone back up to 80 degrees in washington. it has gone up to 81 in annapolis. 7:00 in the morning and we shouldn't be talking about temperatures in the 80s. 72 in manassas. 76 in quantico. baltimore 79. frederick, maryland, 75 degrees. it's going to be another hot day, folks.
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as we've been saying, hazy, hot and humid. a heat advisory going into effect at noon today and a code orange air quality in affect because of unhealthy air. forecast for today, hot, humid and sunny. we'll see some records set today. i don't think we'll set a record in washington but we're looking for a high in the middle part of the afternoon of about 99 degrees. there you go. stay cool if you can. we'll give you some tips for that in a little bit. in the meantime, let's go to julie wright. live from the crew in sky fox along 66, heading eastbound it is not easy. big delays from manassas. twelving between the two 234 interchanges. slow at 50 toward 123. chopper brad zooming in on the commute past the dunn loring metro and toward the exit for the inner and outer loop. slow ride toward the beltway but nothing stop add long the way. in montgomery county, outer loop of the beltway, delays
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from 95 college park toward colesville road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our big story this morning, the anthony wiener sex scandal getting stranger by the day. reports that his wife is pregnant, the congressman said he will not resign but the pressure is mounting for him to do just that. doug luzader joins us live from capitol hill with the latest. doug, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well many democrats and republicans alike are calling on wiener to resign. politically at least, the walls are closing in. anthony wiener is struggling to hold on, reportedly reaching out to fellow democrats to apologize and try to salvage his career. but after more images, including one so graphic it can't be shown, and more women have surfaces in his sexting scandal, many democrats aren't buying it, including former party chairman tim kaine. >> on both sides of the aisle things like this happen.
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lying is unforgivable. lying publicly about something like this is unforgivable and he should resign. >> reporter: but life is complicated for wiener these days in just about every respect. his wife is a high profile aide to hillary clinton, seen here in abu dhabi yesterday. the couple has been married less than a year. she is pregnant. those who know him say he is trying to save his marriage and job. kirsen powers used to date him. >> based on what i know of him, i would be shocked if he resigned. he's not the kind of person to do that. being a congressman is everything to him and i think he will drag it out as long as he can. >> reporter: and that prospect is giving many democrats heart burn. now new york is probably going to lose two congressional seats in the next election because of redistricting and it's possible wiener's district could be eliminated but that would mean
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he could stay in office through 2012 at least. steve and allison. >> doug, thank you very much. let's move on to one of the scandals rocking d.c. city hall. harry thomas, jr., stepping down. >> he fights allegations that he funneled money for personal use. sherry ly has been following this all morning. she is live at the wilson building. good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and steve. there had been a lot of pressure for harry thomas, jr., to resign while he's under investigation for essentially pocketing taxpayer money. he did that yesterday, but in his resignation letter he said he fully expect to be reinstated when this is all said and done. his nonprofit team thomas has been under scrutiny and the attorney general has filed a civil lawsuit saying he steered
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money to a nonprofit in 2007 for youth programs but por than $300,000 instead went to another business to pay for an audi suv, a suite at national park and travel and golf. and while the initial allegations look bad, in an interview thomas said the truth will come out and he'll be vindicated. >> every -- everything will be answering. and i came on the show to tell people you have to have due process. there are critical issues that are at stake here that i'm not going to air my defense, but the defense will be very public and people will be able to see that and that's what i want people to know. >> reporter: thomas said he has no plans to resign from the d.c. council. in the meantime the attorney general is also -- or that is the u.s. attorney is also looking at whether there is any
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criminal wrongdoing here. that's the latest at the wilson building. back to you. >> sherry, thank you very much. and dramatic moments on freedom plaza, all caught on camera. take a listen. >> you should be ashamed. i'm ashamed to be associated with you. >> yvette alexander was robbed of his kindle in city hall. he started to extreme. the councilwomen chased the man and the victim said he's happy so many people stepped in to help. >> before i realized what happened he had a start on me and i'm wearing my business clothes so i wasn't gaining on him and i started yelling and she took action and started going after him. >> he were yelling out the building and he ran into us head on so all of the security outside, they nailed him.
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>> we got more video of the scene taking on an iphone posted on if you would like to watch the entire exchange. new this morning, police need your help to find this man. he is 83-year-old nimrod james harris. he was last seen last night around 7:00 p.m. leaving his home on garden drive in clinton maryland, driving a 1997 light blue chevy lumina with license plate 9 ecc 74. if you see mr. harris or if you have seen him, please contact prince george's county police. other top stories, maryland health officials have issued a measles warning. the state department said people may have been exposed last week while people were infectious at a giant jessry store at kay tonsville and
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appleby's and camden light rail. you should contact a doctor if you have been exposed. prince george's county investigating the death of a tow truck driver. his body was found outside of oxon cove park. he had been shot. his family said the truck's lights are still flashing. police are investigating a motive and aren't saying if anything was stolen. we spoke with the victim's wife. >> why? i couldn't tell you. i have a 13-year-old daughter and i have a 1-year-old son. so of course he doesn't understand this. my daughter is heart broken. >> now his wife said he was very careful about whom he towed, working only through referrals and with contracts through auto shops. a bond hearing for the driver of the deadly bus crash
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has occurred. his lawyer must provide his passport. it is said he was tired from driving when he flipped a bus and four passengers were killed. a girl's basketball coach accused of having a relationship with a student in 2004 and 2005 when she was 17. he's charged with crimes of liberty and placed on administrative leave. new leads on al-qaeda. federal agents are following new information from the treasure trove of documents gathered during the raid on bin laden last month. they are working to dee crypt details from his computer and targeting new targets. and they are stepping up surveillance. the operatives who they thought were less important. and in yemen, a battle as
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protestors continue to rally in the capital. this morning's fighting in the south left 12 al-qaeda fighters dead. it comes as the united states is increasing campaign on al- qaeda's militant in the south. the u.s. has been launching more strikes from armed drones and fighter jets. there is an investigation of reports that gadhafi gave viagra to soldiers and gave them to women. it is said the gadhafi government wanted to help soldiers punish women for protesting against the regime. it comes as a fresh round of fateo air strikes hit tripoli this morning and hillary clinton meets with the rebels in the persian gulf country of the united arab em irrits. many of us are quick to swipe the debit cards but did you know it costs the store where you are buying. and a major airline apologying to u.s. service
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members returning from duty overseas because of this viral video. it's a good ending. we'll explain what happened when we return. and as we take you to break, a live look outside. a look at latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next.
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if you think it's hot here, look at a close-up of the sun. look at that. those are solar eruptions coming from the sun. the cameras caught them at the peak on tuesday. the solar flares are charged magnetic particles appearing to cover almost half of the sun's surface. it may interrupt high frequency
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radio here on earth and most of us will not know any difference. >> it can affect communications. >> it's scary when you see it up close. >> luckily we're far enough away. you wouldn't want to be close. >> although it might feel like it in some spots today. >> the thought of getting close. it's going to be another hot one today, folks. we're likely to see more records set across the region and because it will be hot we want to show you the safety tips. it's all important. and apparently based on the news this morning of one leaving her dog in the car, some people just don't get it. so we'll stress it again. take a look. that woman was cited. we didn't mention it. >> and the dog is okay. >> thank goodness. >> unbelievably. >> let's take a look. your safety tips for today. another hazy, hot and humid day today. here is what you need to know. the main thing for you, stay hydrated. drink plenty of water. that's the best thing for you. don't drink caffinated drinks
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or alcohol, they don't help at all. in fact, they make it worse. so no caffinated drinks, no alcohol. use sunscreen, wear a hat. wear light-weight and light colored loose-fitting clothing. check on elderly neighbors. don't leave pets outside without shade and water. in this heat, bring them on in. >> unless you have a horse. >> don't bring him in. >> do not leave children or pet in cars each for one minute. here we go. current temperatures, it's already 80 degrees here in the nation's capital. 80 degrees right now. it's a return to 80. it was 80 at 4:00 this morning. 81 degrees in annapolis. 76 in salisbury. manassas 73. dulles 76. and hagerstown is 74 degrees there. and here is what it feels like. it feels like 87. if you stepped outside of the studios right now, this is what it feels like, when you compute the heat index, which is
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bringing the temperature and the humidity together. feels like 83 at patuxent naval air station. feels like 87 at ocean city. but if you want to feel like 87, that's a good place to feel. you have the ocean right through. 99 degrees today. record highs. code orange air quality. chance of scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow. and saturday and sunday as a matter of fact, but cooler this weekend with temperatures in the 80s. there you go. that's the latest. >> serious weather. >> yes. >> let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic. >> well we're not keeping her cool on the road this is morning. we have a lot of tieups to report. let me show you where. northbound 95 through springfield from woodbridge up to the beltway, it's a 15 minute trip as you head northbound working up toward 495. and then from the beltway toward the 14th street bridge, another 25 minute commute. so 40 minutes to get from 123 in woodbridge toward the 14th street bridge. we'll continue on the outer
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loop of the beltway right into the sun. we're slowing from van dorn over toward telegraph road before the pace improves. outer loop north of town congested leaving 95 past seoulsville. inbound new york avenue we have delays leaving northeast to northwest. bw parkway traffic slows with an accident pulled to the median. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traf the economy, the senate now cutting the fees that banks charge to swipe debit cards, a vote yesterday by the senate lets the federal reserve limit the fees that stores pay to banks every time you use one. some senators tried to stop the limit on fees and said banks will lose money and will pass the costs on to customers, but opponents fell six votes short of the 60 votes needed. retailers are charged a fee of about 1 or 2% of the purchase price but it adds up to $16 billion a year.
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>> the charge is 44 cents, the cost is 12 cents. is there something wrong with the picture? that means every person buying goods at stores across america pays more to pay for this fee. >> we all know what will happen is, not only will we do damage to our community banks, our credit unions, our banks across this country -- if this is succeeded, it is one more blow against our economy. >> so retailers won this one. they say they will pass the savings on to customers. however the new rule technically only applies to banks with revenues of more than $10 billion. small community banks and credit unions which don't have a lot of capital will have to lower their fees in order to compete and critics say that will lead to less lending in rural communities. a viral video showing just how quickly damage can be done to a company's reputation. the video began to spread
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yesterday morning. >> within hours a major airline apologized and changed its policy. this all has to do with service members returning from overseas and a fee for checked luggage. sarah simmons back to explain this story. an outrage when we heard about it. >> reporter: and it outraged a lot of people. and the country contracted with delta to fly the troops home. service members can check three bags for free and the fourth bag would cost $200. an army unit flying from afghanistan through baltimore to their home base in georgia wound up paying more than $2,800 for the fourth checked bag. they made a video and postd it on you tube and it went viral in hours. >> what was the forth bag for you? >> it was a weapons case holding my m-4 and grenade launcher and 9mm full of the tools i use to protect myself while i was deployed in
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afghanistan. >> so you're telling me you paid $200 for your fourth bag that was your weapons? >> that is correct. >> good business model, delta. we're happy to be back to america. god bless america. >> now delta first apologized, then actually changed its policy. it released a statement saying we regret this experience caused three soldiers to feel anything but welcome on their return home. we honor their service and are grateful for their sacrifices of military service members and their families. effective immediately u.s. military traveling on orders in first and business class can checkup to five bags at no charge and four bags in economy class. this change also adds dependents traveling with active military on orders. delta airlines will reimburse that army unit for the $2,800 in baggage fees it incurred while traveling through bw
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airport, steve and allison. but definitely an outrageous story. >> we'll see what happens from here. it's 7:22 this morning. a massive fire in arizona and thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. the latest from there coming up. and she's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. what one analyst found on casey anthony's computer is next. and today we're singing the blues. paul raphel in falls church talking with curtis blues, its one-man band. we'll talk with him. stay tuned. t pueuske
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making headlines this morning. towns in arizona evacuate as a massive wildfire approaches two towns. they are empty. the sheriff's office ordered 7,000 to get out. it has scorched more than 600
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acres. firefighters have zero containment of this blaze in arizona's white mountains and the flames are affecting power lines, causing rolling blackouts in new mexico and texas. the computer of casey anthony showed 84 searches for information about colorra form. a computer analyst testified it was two two months before casey anthony disappeared. investigators found high levels of it in the trunk of the car. analysts could not say for sure if anthony made the searches, and the next motion was to facebook page of casey anthony. the price of oil is back up and that means you'll see higher gas prices this year. we'll let you know what happened at an opec meeting that isn't helping the situation, next. as we head to break.
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let's take a live look outside on this nice, warm, toasty thursday. traffic is 66 on the beltway. the latest weather and traffic from with -- from tony and julie coming up next. 
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7:30 now. you have a chance to weigh in on an increase in tolls on the bay bridge. there will be a public hearing at 5:30 at shady grove middle school. agency gave approval for a hike to double the toll from $2.50 to $5 a car by october and then that would go to $8 to cross the bridge by july 2013. i'm guessing not a lot of people will show up in support, but we'll see what happens. >> but we have to go to the beach. >> we had a story about the jet packs the other week. i could set up a stand and rent those for $5 each. >> the insurance would be so high. >> remember they cost over $100,000. >> you'll have overhead and insurance. >> not a good business plan. >> it would be fun. >> i'll come up with something else. all right, let's look at
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what is going on out there. yesterday's records, we set a new record, 99 degrees yesterday at reagan national. also 99 at bwi marshall. those are new records and they weren't even ties. dallas meanwhile did not get to the record for yesterday. they'll have a shot at it today. some other record highs across the eastern united states, it's not just us, la guardia made it up to 97 degrees yesterday. philadelphia was 97. bluefield 90 degrees. atlantic city 97. and in redding, pennsylvania, 96 degrees. so some highs -- a lot of record highs yesterday and we'll see more today. currently our temperatures across the region, we are at 80 degrees in washington. 75 up in gaithersburg. 73 in manassas. annapolis is at 81 degrees. and in fredericksberg, it is 77 degrees at this hour. something we haven't been focusing on very much today, satellite radar composite, nothing really to show you. we have the haze out there.
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that's about it. however, there is some precipitation up to the north and west associated with a frontal boundary and as that tracks eastward, it is likely to trigger some showers and some thunderstorms across portions of our viewing area late this afternoon and during the evening hours and some of the thunderstorms could be strong. we'll keep our eyes on that during the course of the day today. your forecast for today, we have a heat advisory that goes into effect at noon. we also have a code orange air quality alert in effect for unhealthy air. we'll have bright sunshine today and very hot and humid, high about 99 degrees. we will see some records set across portions of the viewing area today. five-day forecast, hot again tomorrow, 94. more possible showers and thunderstorms late in the day. saturday, we cool off to 86 degrees. sunday is 88. and on monday, cooler and should be dry, 84 for the high. that's what is happening with the weather. now here is julie wright with the latest on the morning rush hour traffic. a lot happening out here on the roads this morning.
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especially if you are traveling southbound on the bw parkway. crash at 197 moved to the median. you'll find delays from 32. more trouble for you guys right now traveling in prince george's county. the accident activity -- let me move to the side -- route 1 at cherry lane, tieing up the right side of the highway. 95 tied up leaving 32 toward the beltway. the outer loop commute slow going, 95 past solesville road in bethesda. and along 66 headed for the capital beltway, an accident between nutley street and the beltway. so far nothing has popped up on the screen. a slow go from manassas toward centreville and again with the delays on and off 50 toward the beltway. the inner loop in virginia slowing between braddock and 66. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well oil sells back up to $100 a barrel and that sets the
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gage for higher gas prices this year. it comes after an opec meeting in austria yesterday. they decided not to boost oil production even though consumption is on the rise. the federal reserve on wednesday reported that the economy slowed in several parts of the nation this spring and blamed high gas prices for the sluggish consumer spending. >> this administration has been in regular contact with the iea as well as oil-producing countries during this time of elevated energy crisis. we believe that we are in a situation where supply is not meeting demand. >> the white house press secretary said president obama is considering other options to drive prices down, including the tapping the strategic petroleum reserve. meantime, here is where gas prices stand in our area. triple-a said the average for a gallon of regular in d.c. is
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below the $4 mark, standing at $3.98. in maryland it is $3.75 and in virginia it's $3.60. allegations of theft, misuse of funds, payoffs, political dirty tricks all sullying local politics. joining us now bob mccarthy with the washington post whose column today expands on the allegations made by sulaiman brown during the recent mayoral campaign. and good to see you. sulaiman brown finally appears to testify before the council. no shortage of theatrics here. council was getting into it as well. this was a free for all. what is going on down there? >> he has a short fuse. we knew that. we saw him during the campaign last year really going -- sort of making wild and outrageous attacks on adrian fenty and which people liked because they disliked fenty. and the same thing at the
7:37 am
hearing on monday. he is very defensive, very combative, he is not measured in his attitude or tone. and the council members, not only -- they made it worse. several council members made it worse. he would insult them and they would insult him right back. and it was very gratuitous and undignified and i blame both sides. >> and i don't think you have to say that, people get the opinion of it themselves. why well he told me after wards that the sunglasses were because he was tired. he had been staying up late preparing for the testimony, he had all of these written notes, he no lawyer, he had to do it all by himself and he hadn't been getting much sleep, maybe he was nervous about it as well and so his eyes looked tired, he said, and he didn't want that fatigue to show when he
7:38 am
was on tv and in photographs. so that's the explanation he gave me and that rang true for me. >> let's talk about the immediate issue and that is whether or not his allegations are true or not. he did provide some, what he calls proof, during the hearings. do you buy it? >> as i wrote in my column today, i have concluded, after sitting through, what, five of these hearings and this was the most important one, i have concluded that i believe there was a sleazy deal between the campaign. not necessarily the mayor himself, but the gray campaign and sulaiman brown to get him to make these -- continue making nasty attacks on fenty during the campaign and he was prop ised a job, which he got. he couldn't keep it, but he got it. and there was no other reason for him to get that job other than that they had promised him.
7:39 am
they knew he was sort of an erattic character. and now he has provided physical evidence to support his allegations that he got money, that he got payment in the form of cash and money orders. we have now seen three money orders made out to his campaign and the washington post and my colleague nikita stuart independently checked the addresses and linked them to gray campaign aid howard brooks. so we now have evidence to support his claims that the campaign, the campaign aides, made sleazy games with him. >> and brooks is not talking. did the mayor know about this or is this something just his workers knew about? >> i think for the mayor himself, the key issue is the famous old watergate question, what did the mayor know and when did he know it? because he is suddenly saying
7:40 am
that he is only -- can only flatly deny what sulaiman brown said about the mayor's personal involvement but the mayor leaves open sutly, but he leaves open the possibility that his campaign aides, including someone very close to him, lorraine green, that they might have done something behind his back. >> bob talked with the mayor a couple of times. great column in today's washington post. you can read it and find out what the mayor said to you there. good to see you. bob mccarthy with the washington post. thank you. and exciting news for glee fans. the cast is in town today. where you can catch their concert and score a chance to meet them. that's all straight ahead. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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more congratulations and a big night for taylor swift. she won the cmt music award for video of the year for her song "mine." she accepted the award live from milwaukee where she had a
7:44 am
concert at the time. blake shelter appeared from video upset from the set of "the voice" for the best video of the year and his wife miranda lambert won female video of the year. all connected this year. and america is gearing up for fox's new show the x factor. round two of the auditions are under way in new jersey. 20,000 hopefuls tried out in round one back in april. 40 or fewer will make it through this time around. they will have to do their best to impress the judges, simon cowell, paula abduhl, la reed and other singers. and the cast of the hit fox show glee in town for a performance at the verizon center where they will sing some of the most popular songs
7:45 am
from the show. it starts at 7:30 this evening. but you don't have to wait until tonight to see them. cory, who plays fin and nia rivera who plays santana will be signing autographs at the at&t store on the jefferson davis highway in alexandria from 1-3:00 this afternoon. >> i have a feeling they will meet new fans. very popular show. it is 7:45 right now. by 1:00 it should be about 93, 94, something like that. >> it will be up there. temperatures will jump through the course of the day. you're right, it should be right about there at the noon or 1:00 hour. right now, let's look at the current temperatures in d.c. and the current conditions being reported. right now it's 80 degrees but
7:46 am
the humidity is at 87%. yikes! very uncomfortable. at least we have a slight breeze out of the south at 3 miles per hour. here is what is going on today, high pressure in control, hazy hot and humid. there is some relief ahead, particularly by this weekend when we'll see some of the high temperatures in the 80s. a frontal boundary will come through and the front, when it comes through, could trigger some thunderstorms across portions of the area. officially we're at a slight risk for severe weather later on today and over all about a 30-40% chance of thunderstorms developing. forecast for today, hazy, hot and humid. heat advisory goes into effect at noon. air quality index is code orange for unhealthy air and we're looking for highs well into the 90s, right around 100 degrees. look for 97 in frederick, 99 in washington, 99 in fredericksberg. we'll have more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> so we should just call it
7:47 am
100? >> might as well. [ laughter ] >> if it feels like it, then it may as well be. let's check in with julie wright. >> on the roads you'll find lanes are open, the beltway inner loop between braddock and 66, coming inbound along 66, stalled car reported before the beltway tieing up the second lane from the rights. that's in the backup leaving vienna headed eastbound toward 495. a 45 minute trip to the 14th street bridge street on 395 and 95. outer loop is slow 95 toward georgia avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. transportation officials in virginia kicking off a major study of i-66. they want to evaluate the impact of proposed improvements on traffic flow between the beltway and route 50 in haymarket. there is a meeting tonight at the v-dot office in fairfax beginning at 5:00 p.m. the public invited to attend. we have all of the information posted on extra special good morning to today's facebook fan of the
7:48 am
day. which is a two-for, actually. we have fans of the day today. they are erin and lee hedlund. now, allison, you will love this, erin and lee have been watching for last five years. >> okay. >> and we certainly appreciate that. today, though, their last day, unfortunately, as they are moving to memphis. we'll lose them as great viewer and hopefully great news for them as they move down south. they say they will miss the chemistry of the morning team and we wish you the best of luck. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news. remember no space between the word fox and the number 5 and then post a comment under the their photo. >> it looks like one of the members of pen and teller there. good luck to you down in shelby county. and speaking of memphis, blues and a big barbecue is
7:49 am
happening this weekend at tinner hall blues festival. >> paul raphel is in falls church. good morning. >> reporter: it is hot out but i'm not sure if it's the weather or because they've already fired up the grill. we are featuring the blues festival, the theme this week is blues, beer and barbecue. we're going to show you all three all morning long and we'll give you the details after the break. stick with us. [ singing ]
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so, you actually reward people for staying with you? yep. the longer you stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah, genius. you guys must have your own loyalty program, right? well, we have something. show her, tom. huh? you should see november! oh, yeah? giving you more. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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7:52 right now. paul raphel slumming it this morning, enjoying some blues music and great food. >> paul is live at a event kicking off today. >> reporter: we have so many people out to preview the
7:53 am
event. it's the tenner hills blues festival and it's all weekend long. some of them are even free. the theme this year is blues, barbecue and brew. so the best three b's you can put together. i'm going to bring in nicki henderson to give me more information about the festival. so talk about the tenner hill heritage foundation. >> tenner hill heritage foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to preserve the early african- american history and culture of falls church. beginning in -- actually before the revolutionary war, so you find a lot of history and families that have been present here in falls church for many, many centuries. >> and this festival now in the 18th year, correct? >> 18th year. >> and talk about the event. >> well part of preserving the heritage and culture is music. and we began this music festival 18 years ago. it evolved into all blues, all
7:54 am
weekend, all over town. so falls church, which is a very walkable community, 2.2 square miles, you can walk from the east falls church metro and catch blues all the way to west falls church and check in at different events. >> reporter: well i'm going to go check in with one of the musicians. we are at the cherry hill pack in falls church and i'm checking in with curtis blues playing all morning long. and you are a one-man band and you have harmonica and drums. >> the african-americans invented this instrument and they took the european harmonica, they bent the notes by changing the shape of their mouth. so you could take a note like
7:55 am
this and may it wail like this. ♪ >> and the loudest guitar before the invention of the electric guitar was in 1928 and they took a slide on their fingers, so once again they could express more feeling through their instruments. >> and how about you wail for us, just a little bit. [ singing ] >> reporter: so we're going to bring you music all morning long. we'the festival on in the next hour we'll future some singing and scheduled workshops along with the blues,
7:56 am
barbecue and brew. should be a great morning. >> i'm impressed by curtis there. it's challenging enough to just do one of those things, play the guitar and the drums, harmonica and harp. >> and he's singing cool, because he has a fan out there plugged up. did you see that? that's the best. >> good stuff. check that out. the festival is in falls church throughout the weekend and we'll have more from paul raphel coming up throughout the morning. now let's switch genres a little bit. >> is that the dougie? >> you better believe it. do they even have to declare a winner after this? and your time is up. barely old enough for kindergarten but the 5-year-old the latest internet sensation. you said it, allison. >> he stole the show at a dance contest in upper marlboro. he's doing the dougie. and such a big hit, he came back for an encore.
7:57 am
>> way to go, little guy. >> so cute. >> 7:56 right now. everybody has talent. you just have to unleash it. well he has talent. he smashed records during a proboxing career but sugar ray leonard's success came with struggles. >> ahead at 8:00, the gold star medalist joins us to talk about his big autobiography and the big fight and where you can meet the legend. he has a book signing scheduled for later today. >> you asked about dancing? >> i hope we get to that. >> a big-time dancer now. i'm impressed. 7:57. we're back after this.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
as if things could not get any worse for new york congressman anthony wiener, now the x-rated photo believed to be of him all over the web. the latest headlines from the photo scandal ahead this hour. then a d.c. councilman accused of using public money for personal use is stepping down from his leadership position. he's also speaking out to fox 5. hear from harry thomas, jr.,
8:01 am
ahead at 8:00 into he is a local guy turning boxing legend. sugar ray leonard is in the studio now. we'll talk to him in about 15 minutes or so. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. again sugar ray leonard will be here. in the meantime, get ready for another hot one. temperatures will top out at near 100. and trash and recycling will be picked up an hour ahead of normal to keep crews safe. and a woman was cited for animal cruelty for leaving her poodle in a locked car while she was at the tanning salon. the dog is okay. but it was 152 degrees inside the car at 7:45 last evening. >> it's disturbing to hear about that. you don't want to do it. just don't think about it. if you have a dog or a young child, do not leave them in the car, even for a minute, with
8:02 am
the temperatures this hot. >> it's disturbing and and infuriating >> and we love our animals and it is just a mistake. >> keep them cool in a safe place, not in a car. and to jump up to 150 degrees in these temperatures is in a matter of minutes. >> absolutely right. many precautions in this temperature. stay hydrated and drink water. the weather headlines for today. another hot one, just as hot as yesterday if not a degree or two hotter and with the humidity it will be another steamy day. could see a couple of thunderstorms pop up this afternoon. where they do pop up, they could be strong. so we'll have to watch that. in fact, the next couple of days will be unsettled. what we mean is that it will be hot but at least a chance of some pop-up showers and thunderstorms every day, primarily in the late afternoon and during the evening. this weekend look for cooler temperatures, by cooler we mean
8:03 am
in the 80s. local temperatures look like this at this hour, 81 degrees, that's a change. we're now up to 81 degrees here in washington. 82 in annapolis. check out baltimore, they jumped up to 85 degrees at 8:00 in the morning. 79 in quantico. 81 in culpeper. 81 in leonardtown. here we go, because of the temperatures and the humidity, the heat advisory goes into effect at noon today. lasts until 8:00. during that period of time, it may very well feel like it's over 100 degrees, maybe up to, i think, 106 or 107 degrees is what it will feel like. forecast for today, heat advisory in effect. code orange air quality alert for unhealthy air. bright skies today but very hot and humid. looking for a high in town of 99 degrees. more details on all of that coming up in just a couple of moments. >> tony, thank you. >> let's check with julie for a look at traffic now. good morning, julie. good morning. a lot going on at this hour. so we'll map it out for you
8:04 am
where we have problems. the accident occurred on the southbound side of 95. way up here at i-195 where they are checking for the accident. delays on bw parkway continuing to work southbound this morning coming in from 175 headed toward 197 there in bowie -- or excuse me in laurel, you'll find we have about a 30-minute ride there and all lanes are open. no accidents to report on the outer loop leaving 95 college park headed over toward 270. 270 still gridlocked leaving rockville headed for the lane divide. to accidents reported across the american legion bridge. live shot of 395 across the 14th street bridge, delays still with you out of newington and springfield headed up toward the potomac. you'll find spring fellow road at the fair lakes parkway shut down because of an accident. braddock at 66 has a delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story, the latest in the scandal surrounding anthony wiener. there is now an x-rated photo floating around the internet.
8:05 am
this as calls for him to step down, step-up. many have called for his resignation. this week he called bill clinton who was himself embroiled in a sex scandal. sources say it was a private conversation and will not give specifics. but his wife, huma abad in is pregnant with their child. harry thomas jr. has stepped down as the leader of the economic development committee, days after he said that he -- just days after he said his leaving would be an admission of guilt and he used public money for personal use. sherry ly is live at the wilson building with new details now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. harry thomas, jr., the d.c. council member, said do not read anything into his resignation from his powerful committee chairmanship. and he said he does not have any plans to step down from the d.c. council while he is under
8:06 am
investigation for using taxpayer money for his own personal luxuries. thomas submitted his resignation as chair of the economic development committee to kwame brown yesterday afternoon. it was accepted. thomas has been embroiled for months over the question of his nonprofit team thomas which was supposed to support youth sports. the d.c. attorney general filed a lawsuit against the ward 5 council member claiming he steers $300,000 in city funds to his nonprofit at another business. suit claimed the money went into thomas' pocket instead, paying forge travel, a suite at nationals park and golf and a luxury audi sports utility vehicle. and there is investigation into whether there is criminal wrongdoing and at an interview on fox 5 news last night, thomas defended his actions. >> you're accused of funneling $300,000, how was that money spent? >> that was one side of the story and that's the side that
8:07 am
the public sees now. >> well this is an opportunity to give the public the full answer. >> no, it's not an opportunity. >> don't you think your constituents deserve an answer? >> absolutely. >> so when will you answer that. >> the best thing i can tell them, is my attorney will answer and they'll see the full report, everything we do by law is understandable and every answer and complaint that i will answer in this case will be full public information. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown has not announced a replacement for now. the business of that committee will be now handled by the committee of the whole, which is essentially all 13 of the council members. now in his resignation thomas said he had the highest regard for the council and that he fully expected to be reinstated to that chairmanship once this is all said and done. that's the latest here at the wilson building, back to you. >> sherry, thank you. now to the fbi's effort to investigate jim graham a. cording to the washington post graham said he received an
8:08 am
envelope with $2,600 in cash from his then chief of staff ted loza back in 2009 and that it was from a business man. graham maintains that he initialed the envelope, secured it with tape and dated it and had it sent back but never reported the matter to the authorities. it turns out the money was from an fbi informant. loza has pled guilty to taking cash and gifts from the same fbi informant. graham has not been charged with any crime. now to a fox 5 exclusive, d.c. council westmoreland yvette alexander goes after a thief as our cameras were rolling. matt acland was there. >> reporter: we captured the video seconds after the suspect was tackled. councilwoman alexander let him have it after she helped chase him down. >> you should be ashamed of yourself. you steal, you should be ashamed. i'm ashamed to be associated with you. >> i was waiting for my
8:09 am
girlfriend that works across the street. >> reporter: matt kurtz was near freedom plaza when the suspect snatched his kindle so quickly. matt started yelling for help but had no idea a councilwoman was across the street leaving the wilson building. >> before i realized what was happening i'm wearing my business clothes so i wasn't gaining on him and i was yelling to stop him and she kind of took action and started going after him. >> we were yelling out the window, gloria hightower and myself, we went around the corner and he actually ran into us head on, so all of the security outside nailed him. >> matt is happy to have his kindle back and to know a council member and so many other people were looking out for him. >> kind of a little bit random but it was grateful. >> reporter: meanwhile, alexander had stern words for the suspect who tried to get
8:10 am
away. >> you should be ashamed. i'm ashamed to be associated with you. be ashamed of yourself and don't ever do it again. it's nothing lower than a thief. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. i means that appalling. why appall -- that's appalling. why people steal. >> even kwame brown started to run over to see what was going on. we shot that on an iphone and postd it on if would you like to see the entire exchange. 10 minutes past the hour on this thursday morning. firefighters not making much progress bait battles -- battled an arizona wildfire. an update when we come back. and the boxing legend sugar ray leonard live in studio. we'll talk to him coming up in less than 10 minutes. be right back.
8:11 am
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now 13 minutes past the hour as we check headlines this morning. we'll talk about what is happening overseas. in yemen, a battle if the south left 12 al-qaeda fighters dead. this comes as the u.s. is increasing the campaign on the al-qaeda militants in the south. and talking about libya in a minute. in the meantime, a fresh round of nato air strikes hit the capitol overnight. thunderous explosions shook tripoli and the rebels tried to break out of the city of misrata but gadhafi sources killed more than a dozen. and international criminal court investigating reports that gadhafi gave viagra to militants and wanted them to rape the women to punish them for supporting the regime. and also this morning
8:15 am
hillary clinton meeting at the united arab emirates. and here there is still no containment in the arizona wildfire. >> heather childress has the story. >> reporter: in fire-plague the arizona, the wind is theen imy. >> as long as its wind keeps pushing, it is difficult as best to get containment of this fire. >> reporter: it is now the second largest fire in the state's history. a area larger than the size of phoenix has been claimed by the wildfires. it's well over 600 square miles and swelling. >> if the wind wasn't blowing so hard, i would have stuck it out longer. >> reporter: thousands have been ordered to evacuate and signs say please leave town. homeowners there are worried. >> i worry about embers and them not seeing that our house is on fire. >> reporter: at night it looks like a campfire but it's larger and threatening homes. if daylight, it's a massive wall of smoke, emptying the
8:16 am
towns of springerville and eagar. people breathing it all in say the hazy conditions haven't been good for their health. >> it's been bad. i know yesterday i had headaches, throat is hurting, nose. >> reporter: many who are evacuating are heading to safey to shelters like this one in show low but they are still haunted by the poor air quality. >> i still smell smoke. my eyes are still itchy and burning but not as bad. and i can breathe better now. >> reporter: firefighters are afraid of where the flames will head next. two high voltage lines are directly in the path of the fire. and they supply electricity to new mexico and texas. if they are damaged, hundreds of thousands of people will face rolling blackouts. heather childress, fox news. >> heather, thank you very much. it's 8:16 and it is time to check in with mr. perkins. for a steamy forecast and the cuteness factor of the day.
8:17 am
>> i have not yet seen today's photo, but i'm told we'll enjoy it. it is the my first 5 photo of the day, we have a youngster only 9 months old, his name is tyler. >> look at the look on his face. >> he is looking at the sports illustrated swimsuit. >> look at his eyes. [ laughter ] >> that is great. >> that's classic. >> the an iffy thing is, when this issue came out, if you took my picture when it came out, it would have looked just like that. that is a great photo. wow! tyler is 9 months old and already it's started. that is one of the best. thanks for sending that one in. if you want to send us your child's picture, go to and click on
8:18 am
mornings. that's a classic. let's take a look. yesterday we set some record highs here. and we're likely to do it again if parts -- in parts of the area. 99 is the new record yesterday. dulles made it up to 96. b wmar shall at 99 was a recordment the current temperatures at the area airports well into the 80s. 81 at reagan national, 83 at dulles, 85 at bwi marshall. here is a look at the satellite radar. things are quiet right now. we do have some haze out there as you would expect. humidity is at almost 90% this morning. nothing in the way of precipitation. but you see a frontal boundary up to the north that has some rain showers and some thunderstorms associated with it. some of that will likely come through here later on today and i think during the late afternoon, evening hours we're likely to see some pop-up thunderstorms here and there. five-day forecast looks like this, today we're shoot -- shooting for a high of 99
8:19 am
degrees. that's not enough for the record at reagan national, if i recall correct live. some of you may set some records today. 94 tomorrow, again a chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day. saturday we cool off to 86 degrees. sunday a few showers and thunderstorms, both of those days in fact. monday 84 degrees for the high. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now we want to find out what is happening with the traffic and for that we go to julie wright. tony, on the roads you'll find it is still very much a busy commune out to the west. this is where we have accident activity to report that closes the highway along spring fellow road at fair lakes parkway. the roadway is closed because of the accident scene. 66 still crawling to get in on time. we have delays continuing through manassas but again leaving fair oaks and in toward the capital beltway. east of 123, stalled car moved from the left lane out of the roadway. you'll find delays at braddock road north toward 66. this is the inbound stretch of river road before you reach goldsboro road. accident in the highway and
8:20 am
squeezing the lane but it's confined to the shoulder but expect delays inbound on river road this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. from palmer park, maryland, to olympic gold. the professional boxing career that smashed records. sugar ray leonard seemed to have been born under a lucky star and that came at a price and there were many mountains to climb along the way. he tells it all in his new autobiography called the big fight. and we are beyond delighted to welcome sugar ray leonard to our studio. should i call you sugar? ray, or leonard? >> sugar is fine. >> this box, i couldn't put it down. i'm a boxing fan and i can't tell you the records and who won when, but reading the book, you put the read erin side the mind of a boxer when you step into the ring and you added the
8:21 am
personal information that helped us sort of get a picture of the total man. what was it like writing this book for you? >> allison, i started writing this book when i was like 25, 26. many, many years ago. but i wasn't ready to tell the truth, to be transparent, to surrender, if you will. it took me nearly two years to write that book. and because there were things that had occurred in my life that i kept close to my chest and in my heart, i suppressed thing, i'm the kind of person that don't complain, i try to work things out myself. but those things that i was trying to work out myself were killing me. it was really killing me because i went from alcohol to cocaine, to whatever was available at that particular time. i destroyed my marriage. juanita, my first wife, she was the most precious thing to me,
8:22 am
but yet i didn't appreciate her. i wasn't a father to my my kids. and it's just about making amends now and just saying i'm sorry, i was a jerk, i was a total bum. but that was the interior. the exterior was sugar ray leonard and a whole different facade, if you will. >> and you talk about becoming a dad at 17. that's young for any of us. but a young man thrown into this whole other realm of fatherhood. do you talk honestly about womennizing, you talk about drug and alcohol and you hit that bombshell and talk about being the victim of sexual abuse. why so revealing in the autobiography and what has that done in the days since this hit the shelf? >> it was something i kept close to me and something i never shared with anyone. i did share with juanita. i mentioned it to her. and i was drinking naturally at the time because that was the
8:23 am
only way i was brave enough to state that. because as a man, as a fighter, you don't talk about things makes you appear to be weak. and she - i recall juanita looked at me like what do i say, what do we do? and then i mentioned to my present wife, bernadette, and the same thing, i did it while i was drunk because i didn't have the strength to reveal that. and it was a tough path to overcome. >> you talk a lot about prevailing sense of emptiness and sadness, even in the high points after you win the gold, for example. what was that? and now, as you sit here today, is that all gone? >> i had an ill lustrous
8:24 am
career. i went from nothing to wealth, fame, fortune, but i was never happy. i was never happy. my fight that i had were ways of therapy for me. i felt at home. i felt safe in that ring. it was just boxing -- boxing kept me alive because i had succomb to alcohol and to drugs so much. but, allison, i had such a low self-esteem. inside i was dying. and if i had continued, i would be dead now. >> you talk though about some of the friendships -- the friendships you made along the way. mohammed ali, hoe ard kosel, and you are next to take on the road of muhammad ali and he
8:25 am
molded you and he said something that stuck out and it said don't let anyone own you and you took that advice to heart today. >> that resonated with me. he was my idol and still is and i tried to emulate him and for me he was the perfect model to be like. and he always said, always own yourself. never let anyone own you and i took it to heart. and thank god i had what no one else and that is mike trainer, who is my attorney and friend and protected me. and i had people like my trainer, my mentor, i had good people, the people that -- i can name so many people, karen kender who was my assistant for 30 years, i had people who watched my back, who took care of me, who told me the truth. and that made a huge difference. >> and you said mike trainer
8:26 am
never let you done. sugar, you talk about the fear of people you emulated, the champions of the past. and you talk about wilford benitez and one of the things you said is you went to see him at a convalescent room and you said we reach a room black and dark and his stomach bloated and staring in the face. and you saw the effects of him fighting until 1990, did you make a choice before that to get out of the game while you still had your self or what gave you the knowledge and foresight to do that? >> when i saw benitez in puerto rico with his mom, i saw this figure sitting in like a wheelchair and he was bloated and everything and it was frightening to me. i looked at this guy who i
8:27 am
fought, who was the greatest fighter in the world, and now he's just a shell of himself. and i said to myself, i cannot let this happen to me. but it was happening. actually, because i had made -- i made someil-fated comebacks and i kept pushing the envelope and i would get knocked down and come back and fight years later and get just demolished and my ego and my people around me, kept saying you can do it because the more i hear i can do it, i believe the hype. and that's when i got if trouble. that's when i started doing the drugs. that's when i started drinking. the womanizing was something a novelty, because in school, i didn't have a girlfriend physical i was 20. juanita was my girlfriend. but i was trying to recapture things that i lost in my childhood. >> let me tell you something, sugar ray leonard. we love you. everybody that i spoke to about you coming in today, man, he's
8:28 am
my favorite fighter. and i just want to thank you for coming in here today. >> thank you, allison. >> and remind everybody, you can meet sugar today at politics and prose and he's be signing this big. and the big fight of my life, in and out of the ring. it has been a pleasure to sit down and talk with you. >> my pleasure. >> steve, over to you. 8:28 right now on this thursday morning. we all love money-saving apps as in applications. but in today's smartphone zone we're looking at an app that can help you earn some $500 this summer. we'll have that story coming up in five minutes. and then later we are live with a preview of this weekend as tenner hill blues festival. we heard the music earlier and now we are getting down to some of the barbecue and the other food they have going on there. stay with us. we'll be back right after this. 
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
take a look outside right now, and it's almost like you can see the heat. is that possible? >> you can see it. >> but if it is possible, today you can do it. >> cut through it with a knife. >> i'm still on my high from talking to sugar ray. >> it makes you want to read
8:32 am
the book. you don't realize a lot of times what people are dealing with. and with ray you see the champion but you don't realize what is going on behind the scenes. >> so much more to talk about. he said he had chronic pain in his hands as a young fighter, but that was when he an amateur, so all of those years. so any way. >> okay, sorry. well the weather hot and sticky, once again another scorcher out there. and please take it serious bay -- please take it seriously because it is hot out there. and when i came on the air this morning it was already 81 degrees. and here is what it feels like outside. you factor in the humidity with the temperatures and here is what it feels like. it feels like it's 86 at national. the same at dulles. look at baltimore, it feels like it's 89 degrees. so as a result of all of this, we have a heat advisory in effect that kicks in from noon until 8:00 tonight and that's
8:33 am
because the heat in d.c. is going to rise to feel like it's between 100 and 105 degrees before the day is over. hazy, hot and humid. you can't be too careful. drink plenty of water and wear light weight clothing and make sure that you check on your elderly neighbors and they are okay. and don't leave your pets outside in this weather. it's too unbearable for them. make sure they have a lot of water and in cool atmosphere and whatever you do, for any length of time whatsoever, never leave kids or a pet in a car in this kind of weather. some relief ahead into the weekend. we have a cold front moving through but it will also set us up for a chance of storms so be prepared for that. could see some later on into the evening hours tonight. tomorrow, saturday and sunday, the same story. a chance of storms popping up. but behind that front, we dip back down into the 80s. so not all bad. back to allison and steve. >> gwen, thank you very much. it boosts your energy levels and your immune system and it's great for your skin. not to mention a nice cold tastes pretty good on a day like today.
8:34 am
>> we are talking about good old h2o and lauren demarco shows us apps with a liquid focus today and also some nature news. let's head to the smartphone zone. >> well i took the smartphone zone outside to tell you that it is definitely very hot out here for 8:30 in the morning. gwen, right on the money with that. of course the important thing is you want to stay hydrated. so do you drink eight cups of water a day? if your not sure, there's an app for that. in fact there are several, and they are free. [ applause ] >> here is a look at some of the drink water apps for android. they send you reminders throughout the day. you give your phone a tap every time you drink a glass and there are charts so you can track your h2o about over time. i have to admit i only had five cups yesterday and i felt like that was a lot. and so while it may be obvious, i say give it a try. it can't hurt. there are also similar apps available for the iphone.
8:35 am
now if you need to get in your h2o while on the move you'll be on the lookout for fountains. the idea behind the oasis app is to see a map of water fountains based on your location. and there is an opportunity. serve sis hiring. if you have an iphone or ipad and would like to make $500 this summer, find and rate 75 to 100 public drinking fountains here in d.c. and the cash is yours. you have to be 18 or older and the application deadline is june 21st so you have less than two weeks to sign up for that. now before i let you go. there is in news about a new nature app with local ties. smithsonian developed the april and it's called leaf snap and it identifies trees. you use your iphone to take a
8:36 am
picture of the leaves and it will tell you what tree it is and learn more about the diversity of plant life. >> this is to include all of the trees of the northeast u.s. and we're doing that now. we have people out taking images of leaves as you we speak so you can identify a leaf from maine down to virginia and over to the mississippi river. >> reporter: they know all of the trees in rock creek park. scientists at the university of maryland helped develop that app. and we have all of the information on just go to the morning page and look for the smartphone zone. and guys, stay cool today. back to you, allison. >> all right, lauren, thank you so much. she makes being outside look okay, right? >> well it's hot, no doubt. it is also 8:36 on this thursday morning. economy has been in the headlines and now weekly jobless claims are being released. we'll have those for you coming up next. and metro has made the
8:37 am
decision on whether to make passengers wait longer for trains on weekends in an effort to save money. their decision when we come back. stay with us. 8:36.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
just into the fox 5 news room, weekly jobless claims. the number of unemployment benefits didn't change much. stuck at a high level that suggests a slowing job market. the labor department said 427,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last week. up 1,000 from the previous week. if your looking for work, check out our job shop. the job of the day is at the american society for training and development in alexandria looking for a director of marketing. for more on this job and many other goes to and click on job shop tab at the top of the home page. there is a traffic alert
8:41 am
for folks who drive over the chain bridge. the bridge will be closed from 9:30 this morning until 2:30 this afternoon for tree removal. and we're monitoring metro with an alert for riders. metro said it will not extend wait times between trains on weekend to save money. it was i move that would save the cash-strapped agency some $7 million a year. but according to the washington post metro said it has taken that plan off the table after hearing opposition from riders. it is 8:41 right now on this thursday morning. we still have another day to go before the weekend of course. >> it is never too early to start planning for fun and paul raphel has an event for you. paul, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, we are in falls church, virginia at cherry park where we are featuring the tinner hill blues festival going on all weekend. this is one of the performers. we'll feature her after the break and find out about some performances going on as part of the event.
8:42 am
stick with us. 
8:43 am
8:44 am
are you a fan of the show glee? a self-propressed gleek, allison? >> sure. >> well i know you are.
8:45 am
well tonight you can see the kids from mckinley high in person as the cast in town today for a performance at verizon center this evening. they'll be singing plenty of popular songs from the show. the show at the verizon center tonight starts at 7:30. there are still some tickets available through ticket master. now if you want to get up close and personal with some stars you can meet them and get autographs from a couple of them. cory montez who plays fin and nia vivaria who plays santana will be at the at&t in alexandria today from 1:00 until 3:00 signing autographs. so go let them know what a great job they do on the show. and if you don't get a chance to get there today, go to see them tonight. and from pop to the blues. as the 18th annual tinner blues festival is this weekend. [ singing ] >> i thought that was paul. >> who knew you had those
8:46 am
pipes? oh, it's not you. good morning. >> reporter: this isn't me. take a quick listen to one of the performers this weekend. [ singing ] sneet seems the whole world is wrong. ♪ since my man is gone. ♪ i need a little sugar. >> reporter: this is blues singer and actress. thanks for joining us today. very sultry. come on down. [ singing ] >> reporter: we're talking about the workshop that you're going to be apart of this weekend. >> well i'm blessed to be on a panel with [ inaudible ] and we're going to be discussing women in blues.
8:47 am
i portray betsy smith. >> reporter: and tell me a background of her. >> well it was mia rainy and she bridged the gap for blues and jazz and for recorded music she was bigger than oprah in her time. >> reporter: is that your favorite part about this weekend. >> that is one of my favorite parts. one of my favorite parts is being part of the tinner hill foundation. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. we have more. there is concerts and cookoffs and that's brought me to laura hall of the creative culture. thank you for joining me. talk about the performance that you are putting on? >> we had the privilege of working with the tinner hill heritage foundation to create a play based on the history, the wonderful inspiring stories of the local african-american heroes who basically fought against segregation, slavery and racism and their struggle continues. >> reporter: we have about a minute so let's get a taste of
8:48 am
the play. what is it called in. >> it's called tinner hill portraits in black and white. >> reporter: okay. thanks. >> now i hear you are going to the school board meeting next month. >> we'll be there. if they don't want to answer our letters, they'll answer us in the meeting. >> bring them out to mohammed. >> yes. >> and we need to talk about this segregation ordinance. it's preposterous. has anyone spoken to anyone yet. >> reporter: there is a little bit of everything going on this weekend as part of the 18th annual tinner hill blues festival. we'll have all of the information on in the next hour, i'm finally going to taste some of the delicious barbecue we've been showing you all morning long. back to you. >> sounds good, paul. thank you. >> talk about a littleity -- a little bit of everything. and next we'll take you out to an annual tradition and show
8:49 am
you why summer basketball is the barry farms is something special and an impressive guest at the farm recently. and we want to say good morning to our facebook fans of the day. erin and lee hedlund have been watching for the last five years but today sadly for us is their last day here in town. they are moving to memphis today. they say they will miss the awesome chemistry the morning team has and we wish you good luck on your journey. now if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under leanderin's photos. 8:49. we'll be right back.
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ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today, i deserve it! or, i could have a medium slice and some celery sticks and they would cancel each other out, right? or...ok. i could have one large slice and jog in place as i eat it or...ok. how about one large slice while jogging in place followed by eight celery... mmm raspberry cheesecake... i have been thinking about this all day. wow, and you've lost weight! oh yeah, you're welcome. thank you! [ female announcer ] yoplait light. with 30 delicious flavors all around 100 calories each. yoplait. it is so good.
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sometimes it seems rare to talk about classy gestures in the world of sports but the texas rangers baseball club did that. they secretary the jonathan taylor in the major league baseball draft yesterday. the 1,000 1014 pick.
8:53 am
he was partially paralyzed during a game this year by the leftfielder. texas also picked holmes, with the 37th selection of the draft. taylor has been confined to a wheelchair ever since that collision back in march. but he has regained partial use of his hands during rehab. he said one day he would like to play baseball again. doctors say it's very rare for him to even be able to walk. we hope you the best, classy move by the rangers to give him a major league contract and draft him even though he may never play again. >> it sure is. for decades the goodman league has been the site of the best summer basketball. >> but for those in the neighborhood it's about more than just hoops and wisdom martin has this story. >> reporter: it's an annual tradition in southeast. >> good old-fashioned outdoor, blacktop basketball. >> reporter: summer basketball
8:54 am
in berry farms. the goodman league started back in 1975. miles rauls run it's now. >> when i was coming up, it was all community and it kept us out of trouble and i try to follow that same trend. >> reporter: yes, the games are good. but there is more than just hoops. >> everyone looks forward to this all summer. all season during the winter time, i'll be glad when we go back inside the gates. >> reporter: this is a community that is no stranger to crime and police life. >> i can look in the stands on any given day and tell you what xyz person is doing if they weren't stepping into the gates watching the games. >> reporter: but when it's basketball time, the only drama is on the court. >> love, family, that's what i see. >> if i'm here and i'll show what we're trying to do is family oriented and you can
8:55 am
come and sit down with your family and watch with entertainment and food wise. >> reporter: monday nba star kevin durant dropped in and dropped 41 points. >> durant is a junky. he's a goodman junky. >> you have to come here to live here, to have fun here. >> i wouldn't trade the league for nothing in the world and i'm going to do this until i'm breathless. >> reporter: it's all good at the goodman league and that's good news for barry farms. reporting in southeast, wisdom martin, fox 5 news. >> how cool would it be to have kevin durant drop in and you have to try to guard that good. good luck. that's will do it for this hour. tony will be back after the break and join allison until 10:00. >> stay with us. o hus
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. here is look at stories we're following for the 9:00 hour. record heat hit the d.c. area yesterday and the heat is back on again today. gwen has your forecast with more on just how hot we're talking. but it's not just us dealing with the extreme heat. details coming up next. plus representative anthony wiener caught up in a sexting scandal. he denies that he is addicted to sexting but does such an addiction exist and what are the signs if it. we're talking with a therapist specializing in sexual exuls shun. and there are triggers out there that you might not be aware of so we'll run down some unusual allergy triggers with our fox medical team later this morning. >> very good. right now we have gwen tolbert standing by. she's in the weather


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